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Coming Back Soon!

2009-11-06 15:42:28 by EmptyOrange

Going to start taking this more seriously, I should have some new flash up very soon.

Full Grown Man

2009-06-17 00:02:36 by EmptyOrange

Totally different attempt. Searching for a style that I have the most fun with. Watch and give feedback!

It is about a man who is going to put on a G-String.

Third flash submitted

2009-05-11 13:03:05 by EmptyOrange

Took a detour to do a project before i put out my intended third animation, I think it turned out alright :)

Second Flash is submitted!

2009-04-27 13:07:44 by EmptyOrange

Ohhh Man.

Title: Assisted Suicide Anticipation

14 seconds long, 24 frames per second, song by Naked City, frame-by-frame inspired by catoblepas once again! I really do believe this is a big improvement from my first flash. Probably being submitted in a day or so! Just learned a little bit of actionscript so there will be a replay button, OH MY OOG! Believe me, it is really an accomplishment.

New flash being submitted very soon!

Why is it....

2009-04-23 20:59:33 by EmptyOrange

That the people who don't even make flash judge the most harsh?


2009-04-22 22:58:04 by EmptyOrange

Finished my first flash animation! It might not be the best but I am quite proud. It wasn't the full song but it felt like it should have stopped there. The name just comes from the song title: N.Y. Feat Top Box, and I dedicated it to my girlfriend Amber so I combined them into one monstrosity. Please give me some feedback on how to improve and whatnot! :D

Thank You!