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Why is it....

2009-04-23 20:59:33 by EmptyOrange

That the people who don't even make flash judge the most harsh?


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2009-04-23 21:17:18

Who do people make flash for? Just other artists or for people who play and watch them? Duh!

EmptyOrange responds:

I just can't take negative criticism as serious when Im getting it from someone who has never even worked with the program, know what I'm sayin? :D


2009-04-24 06:36:39

I understand, but what they are criticizing is the final product. They have moer experience at watching, playing, and enjoying or hating flash than a person has at making them. If they don't like something then they know what they are talking about. If a game sucks because you have to use 5 keys spread out over a keyboard, or the music sucks and doesn't fit, or some other attribute that erks them a special way, they should at least be listened to.
They took the time to watch and play and if it weren't for the people who do that. then Flash artists and musicians would have computers full of .swfs and .mp3s to enjoy just themselves. Know what I am saying.
As far as not knowing the time and toil that goes into making a flash, that is something that can't be helped. I made a point to purchase flash to entertain myself and to learn and to experience the process. I have a new found respect for folks able to create such masterful flashes. Shit even those 10 year olds who make me laugh my ass off have a lil of my respect.
Ignorant people are always going to be out there, but when it comes to art or games, the final product is for the masses, not other artists. They are allowed to express opinions on them, seeing as how that is what they are here for, and why the flash they watched or played is here. I agree sometimes people miss the point, I may even be missing it here, but passion has many forms.
If you are finding it difficult to deal with the reviews, make it a point to not read them. Don't put much weight into the score you receive. If the score matters then you should read them all and try to understand what they mean in the review and maybe, just possibly try to change how you do things in order to please the folks.
It is up to you whether or not you care what they think, for if you do, then try to make them happy. If you don't, ignore them or intentionally piss them off to please yourself. much love

EmptyOrange responds:

Yeah man, I get what you`re saying. :)

I suppose the only reason I started this entry was because some people said my first flash was "pointless." When the whole point for me was to finally put something out on this site, to learn and accomplish something whether or not it is a piece of gold. What did they learn? Nothing. What did they accomplish? Nothing! :D

I believe my flash appeals to myself initially, I make it for me. But I enjoy showing the piece to other people. Not to piss them off, they just don't understand how to think outside their realm of self. Their egotistical limitations keep them from appreciating someone else's creativity. Leaving them in the generic world of parodies and predictable "art."


2009-04-25 23:37:15

I agree with you one hundred percent.
there is a comfort zone and if they find themselves outside of it, pointless! spam! some negative connotation.
I thought you were disagreeing with their right to label such things.
I disagree with their labels, not their ability to make them.
Therefore I understand completely now and agree wholeheartedly with you on this.
this is a place of art. Art and now revenue sharing, but hopefully, mainly art.


2009-05-26 21:50:39

I agree. I feel bad now about judging your flash so harshly... It was actually pretty cool.